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There's 1440 Hours In My Day

1440 Hours
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invaderlly and kkiwi made this community for their friends and other music lovers to join.

The rules are as follows:
1) You can post about anything, (a normal entry, pictures, quizes, ect.) music related or not.
2) If you post pictures or anything long, (more than one quiz, a survey, a long conversation) please use LJ cut.
3) No making fun of anyone else because of their taste in music. (It's just mean)

So if you join 1440hours, take the survey below and post it in this community.

-Favorite bands:
-Bands/singers you can't stand:
-Best genre:
-Worst genre:
-Favorite song:
-Least favorite song
-Top 5 concerts you attended and why:
-Favorite band shirt or band memorabilia you own:
-Band you would like to hang out with the most:
-Band you would like to join:
-Any musician or singer you wish you could be:
-Any musician or singer you wish you could kill:
-Best song from a movie:

okay because i dont want to make up anymore questions, i am going to take some questions from this survey i did once about music.

-Best emo band:
-Worst emo band:
-Do you enjoy depressing music?
-Who or what always brings you down?
-Do you wear glasses?
-What frightens you?
-How many times has your heart been broken?
-What do you think of Dashboard Confessional?

-Best punk band:
-Worst punk band:
-What or who pisses you off?
-Sex or drugs or breaking stuff?
-The Clash or The Ramones?
-Do you do things that are "bad for your body"?
-How many times have/were you kicked out of somewhere?

-Best goth type band:
-Worst goth type band:
-What do you think about graveyards?
-How much black clothing do you own?
-What type of makeup do you wear?
-What do you think about pain?
-How do you feel about the rest of the world?
-What do you think about vampires?

-Best metal band:
-Worst metal band:
-Do you bang your head on things repeatedly?
-What do you think of mullets?
-What bands rock your pants off?
-What do you think about violence?
-How wild are you in general?

-Best grunge band:
-Worst grunge band:
-Are you wearing any clean clothes right now?
-Do you wear flannel shirts a lot?
-When was the last time you showered?
-Do you speak clearly?
-What do you think about Nirvana?

-Best Rapper:
-Worst rapper:
-Do you live in the ghetto?
-How much bling do you own?
-Would you rather be bustin' caps or rollin' joints?
-Hold on one minizzle.
-Ever been to prison?

-Best pop star or pop group:
-Worst pop star or pop group:
-Who or what makes you so excited you piss your pants?
-Justin Timberlake or Nick Carter?
-How many of your friends still listen to NKOTB?
-Britney or Christina?