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uhh... [Sep. 26th, 2004|02:24 pm]
1440 Hours
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[Current Music |"I wanna save you"--Something Corporate]

ok this is gonna sound really really stupid, but how do u use the little LJ cut thing? i wanna put my survey up but i dno how to use that cut thing. will someone plz tell me? lol...thanks.~~Laur~~


From: invaderlly
2004-09-26 11:35 am (UTC)
To start it:
< lj-cut > (Without spaces)

To end it:
< /lj-cut > (Again, without spaces)
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From: xemoishpunkx
2004-09-26 11:45 am (UTC)
Aggh thank u so much...ur a new friend now lol~~Laur~~
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