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im new [May. 15th, 2004|12:44 pm]
1440 Hours


[Current Mood |confusedconfused]
[Current Music |80's music]

Name: Kim
-Favorite bands: the casualties, aus-rotten, x-ray spex, the exploited
-Bands/singers you can't stand: avril lavigne, good charlotte, simple plan
-Best genre: punk
-Worst genre: country
-Favorite song: "punk rock love" by the casualties
-Least favorite song "my band" by eminem
-Top 5 concerts you attended and why: none:( im in a small town and dont get out much
-Favorite band shirt or band memorabilia you own: my brody shirt
-Band you would like to hang out with the most: the casualties
-Band you would like to join: the casualties
-Any musician or singer you wish you could be: brody dalle
-Any musician or singer you wish you could kill: avril lavigne
-Best song from a movie: the donna's performance in Jawbreaker

okay because i dont want to make up anymore questions, i am going to take some questions from this survey i did once about music.

-Best emo band: im not too sure what bands r considered emo
-Worst emo band:
-Do you enjoy depressing music? when im depressed
-Who or what always brings you down? thinkin of my ex
-Do you wear glasses? contacts mostly
-What frightens you? rape
-How many times has your heart been broken? a couple
-What do you think of Dashboard Confessional? sux

-Best punk band: the casualties
-Worst punk band: probably the local punk bands that dont have a life
-What or who pisses you off? people who talk trash, liars
-Sex or drugs or breaking stuff? breakin stuff
-The Clash or The Ramones? both i cant choose
-Do you do things that are "bad for your body"? sometimes
-How many times have/were you kicked out of somewhere? i dunno, alot, mostly when i was little and used to throw my food

-Best goth type band: i dunno
-Worst goth type band:i dunno
-What do you think about graveyards? fun
-How much black clothing do you own? a lot
-What type of makeup do you wear? black eyeliner and that clean and clear blue powder, clear or tinted lip gloss, no makeup when im lazy
-What do you think about pain? emotional pain sux
-How do you feel about the rest of the world? im interested in how other cultures live
-What do you think about vampires? scary yet awesome

-Best metal band: collie cleans mess(local band)
-Worst metal band: slip knot
-Do you bang your head on things repeatedly? not on things, unless on accident
-What do you think of mullets? hideous
-What bands rock your pants off? collie cleans mess, count it(local), bands on uranium on fuse(some of them atleast)
-What do you think about violence? its funny
-How wild are you in general? pretty wild i guess, i dont think before i do actions usually

-Best grunge band: nirvana
-Worst grunge band: i dunno
-Are you wearing any clean clothes right now? ya
-Do you wear flannel shirts a lot? sometimes
-When was the last time you showered? this morning
-Do you speak clearly? sometimes
-What do you think about Nirvana? the rock

-Best Rapper:none
-Worst rapper: eminem
-Do you live in the ghetto? no
-How much bling do you own? none
-Would you rather be bustin' caps or rollin' joints? huh?
-Hold on one minizzle.  im confused
-Ever been to prison? no

-Best pop star or pop group: none
-Worst pop star or pop group: all of em
-Who or what makes you so excited you piss your pants? i dunno im potty trained
-Justin Timberlake or Nick Carter? niether
-How many of your friends still listen to NKOTB? who?
-Britney or Christina? christina cuz her songs r powerful
-OMIGOD or OMG? omg


[User Picture]From: kkiwi
2004-05-17 07:07 am (UTC)
hi! thanks for joining!
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[User Picture]From: casualties_gurl
2004-05-18 12:03 pm (UTC)
hey, ur welcome
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From: invaderlly
2004-05-17 03:47 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: casualties_gurl
2004-05-18 11:30 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: sugarpunk
2004-06-03 01:28 pm (UTC)
Punks ROCK!!! I'm glad you joined... ^_^
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[User Picture]From: casualties_gurl
2004-06-03 09:21 pm (UTC)
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